75da9d8bef75f60c66bff54344e06667_rawIf you’re reading this then we probably have at least 2 things in common: a love of beer and a love of travel.

I suppose my love of travel came first, alongside an enjoyment of beer. But over time I have been fortunate enough to try some of the best and most exciting brews in the world which has shifted my appreciation of beer up a gear. It isn’t just about the flavours but it is the stories behind the beer that I love, and that is why I have started a blog that combines these 2 subjects.

By delving into the local brew scene you will find off-the-beaten-track bars, interesting people who are passionate about what they do and some unique flavours that you will forever associate with that particular place and time. Plus it always feels virtuous to be supporting local businesses, right?

Very few people travel just for the beer and there are countless travel writers out there who can tell you the top things to do in a destination. This blog is about what you do after all of that – after you’ve seen the sights, after you’ve been to your meeting, after you’ve driven the Whatever Coastal Road.

I have worked in the travel industry for 15 years and continue to explore the world both for work and pleasure. Most of my work travel takes me to the USA. I also brew my own beer, with mixed results, and aim to build up my brewing skill over the next year or so.

Favourite beers… that’s a tricky one. I will rarely choose a lager and I really don’t get sour beers. My refreshing beer of choice would be a saison but I am most impressed right now with the range of stouts we have to choose from. Black Albert probably takes top spot for me but I’m always looking for something else to vie for pole position.