Let off Some Steam in Toronto

It’s the middle of summer, it’s baking hot and it’s Bluejays game day. For some reason I’ve brought myself into the thick of it all at Roundhouse Park, a neat little area in the heart of the city that, I imagine, is usually quite a haven from the bustle of Toronto. Today though, not so much. Bluejays fans are in full voice for the home game this afternoon, packing out the park that sits at the foot of the iconic CN Tower.

My reason for coming here, Steam Whistle Brewery, is clearly making the most of the party atmosphere. This distinctive brewery, supposedly named after the clocking off whistle at work, occupies a building that originally serviced Canada’s steam locomotives. Now it brews an award winning pilsner that combines local Ontario spring water with traditional Czech hops and on a scorcher like today there can be nothing better to drink.

I’m tempted to jump on a brewery tour but with the sun beating down and a BBQ in full-flame I think I’d rather find a spot to lean outside. I’ll rarely choose a lager but there are a select few situations in which lager is a must. A sunny afternoon in the heart of a city, after a long day of sightseeing, with the smell of nearly burnt burgers in the air, is definitely one of them.


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